Snow White’s Halloween Party!

Illustration:  SNOW-WHITE AND ROSE-RED.  Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Translated from the German By Margaret Hunt.  Illustrated By John B. Gruelle.  Cupples and Leon Company: New York. Ca 1914.


Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Translated from the German By Margaret Hunt.

Illustrated By John B. Gruelle.

Cupples and Leon Company: New York. Ca 1914.


15 thoughts on “Snow White’s Halloween Party!

        1. I would tell you how boring the party is and how luck the hostess is that she is sleeping through the whole thing. It would be fun to see the tiny animals, but after that a snooze fest!


  1. You know, if you think about it, that illustration is kind of creepy! As a child, we were always told that Snow was “sleeping” and we all know as kids that you can wake up from sleep. But this illustration has her dead! I wonder what kids from early 20th Century and earlier thought if they say this and that she can come back, after death. I have several vintage fairy tale books and Grimm’s was, well grim. Those old fairy tales would not be considered child friendly today! Great find, I had not seen this illustration,

    1. You are right – this is a very strange early story. Yes, she was in a grave, but it was supposedly covered with glass and she was in a “very deep sleep.” She was really sort of (well, next door to) dead – sorry, I know later versions had her just asleep in a bed. It is entirely creepy and if it bothers you – you are a normal feeling person.

      You have explained my reason for doing this very clearly “I wonder what kids from the early 20th Century and earlier thought . . .” Their experience was one thing, how they lived based on this experience is the next thing, and finally, how this impacts on us now is the final part of my question.

      THANK YOU SO MUCH for your comment! I am so happy to have someone else “explain” what I do and why I do it!

      THANK YOU,

      1. Personally, I am fascinated by studying, examining the cultural and social implications of children’s book illustrations. Yet another post idea (I’ve so many I want to write!) and another one of my “Connect the Blogs”. I’ll let you know when I can highlight your blog (I have a few in the hopper now that I have to get to). 🙂

  2. Although it is not a party, because naturally think the dwarves, Snow White would be death. But it’s also not a funeral, for we know that she will wake up again just as soon as this stupid poisoned apple jumps from her throat. We who know the ending may therefore be justified to say Snow White would “sleep”. (There was once a time when people thought of sleep would be the little brother of death. Naja.)

    1. In this version I think they know she is asleep – although why she’s not in a bed but in the graveyard I can’t recall. I don’t see the glass over her (artists license?), which is supposed to be covering her while she waits.

      You are right, it is comforting to know she won’t be dead forever or living with death’s little brother.


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