Frightful Dwarfs!

Illustration:  From the story "The White Cat."  Mother’s Yellow Fairy Tale Book.  Arranged by Laura Dent Crane.  Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.


From the story “The White Cat.”

Mother’s Yellow Fairy Tale Book.

Arranged by Laura Dent Crane.

Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.

16 thoughts on “Frightful Dwarfs!

    1. Who told you that? An alien? a dwarf? Logically, it likely was what it seemed to be, an evil dwarf was knocking on your window! I had a tiny lady sitting on my bed watching me – I still think it was real.


      1. I hate to mention this since it’s dark out, but my brother said that seeing an evil dwarf or a little lady (which my father saw many times as a kid) means that somehow a demonic presence has been passed through the generations of a family–but then he’s gone off the deep end a little lately 🙂

        1. Well, who did your father pass the demonic presence to in his family? If it goes through the generations maybe that little gal is bothering your brother! You didn’t see an evil dwarf, you only dreamed about one so you are in the clear!

          How would someone “know” what seeing a tiny lady “means”? It was entirely frightening, but I think the devil has better things to do than scare little kids! Why would a demonic presence go through generations? Multi-generational bad boys? evil doers?

          Don’t be scared I will protect you! After laying a long time in terror in my little kid bed I gathered the courage to sit up and slap the tiny lady – I also yelled at her! No little demonic presence is going to get me (or you)!

          Hi Ho,

            1. Oh, thank you. It worked – I never saw her again – or do you think she will be waiting for me when I go to . . .?

              I really am curious how someone “knows” about frightful dwarfs and little ladies? Can you take a stab at an answer or is it too complicated?


              1. My brother looks this stuff up. He’s a cop in a small town and works midnights. The internet is always available and even before that he listened to Art Bell on the radio. It seems there are lots of people who have similar encounters and I guess some of these encounters come with a more talkative demon or little lady who explains the purpose of the visit–or is it that if you say a prayer they vanish? I can’t remember.
                One night my neighborhood collectively saw a UFO and while most of us have put the incident behind us my brother is very into the whole thing. It’s somehow all connected in his mind–and the minds of the many people online who theorize about these things. Briefly in the last year I was a little afraid to look up at the sky because he told me that the UFO’s that look like falling stars are demons. I didn’t want to see any 🙂

                1. So many things to look up on the internet! Thanks for the heads up! I will keep an eye out for a UFO that looks like a falling star but is a demon. I wonder why the demon is going out in a UFO/falling star costume when it isn’t even Halloween? He should just go out as his bad demon self – otherwise what’s the fun of seeing him?

                  Hi Ho,

                  1. I don’t know if there is any fun in seeing a demon–SCARY!! I guess you mean for the demon. I suppose keeping people scared of falling stars which are really just lovely little sky shows might amuse a demon on the lower end of the demon hierarchy. maybe he keeps women in pumpkins, too and only reads Playboy.

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