Tiny Travels Like The Wind!

Illustration:   THE OSTRICH CARRIAGE.  Tiny and Her Vanity.  McLoughlin Bros.: New York. Ca 1892.


. . . “Where are you going, little maid?” “Oh, many, many miles from here,” said Tiny. “Get upon my back,” said and the Ostrich, kneeling down; and Tiny was soon upon his back, speeding away like the wind, until she reached the sea-shore.

Tiny and Her Vanity.

McLoughlin Bros.: New York. Ca 1892.

8 thoughts on “Tiny Travels Like The Wind!

    1. I know you find Tiny’s visit to Egypt and her ride on an ostrich there hard to believe, but it is a fairy tale (sort of a geographically challenged fairy tale).


        1. Have you tried to buy a map lately? I love maps because you can ponder where you are relative to other things – not just consider the little piece of roadway your GPS shows. Also, just to complain a bit – it really bothers me that people don’t know their cardinal directions. Can you imagine trying to get around without even knowing where the sun rises and sets. Can you imagine waking up from a nap and not knowing what time of day it is because you don’t understand how the sun moves? Also, if lost in the forest, at least where I live, the moss grows on the North side of trees (but if you don’t know the cardinal directions this won’t help you at all)!

          Now who is lost?

          1. No, I haven’t tried recently but I imagine it’s a lost cause. But, hey, did you see my recent post on my wonderful old atlas? Well, not that old, but its pedigree is old. Gosh, those imaginings are the stuff of nightmares. But, since little ones seem to get lost a lot in the woods of fairy tales, perhaps lack of knowledge of cardinal directions has always been a problem?

    1. She is tiny in all the other illustrations, but since she is riding the ostrich in Egypt and it is a form of fast magic transportation anything is possible!


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