Tiny Travels Like The Wind!

Illustration:   THE OSTRICH CARRIAGE.  Tiny and Her Vanity.  McLoughlin Bros.: New York. Ca 1892.


. . . “Where are you going, little maid?” “Oh, many, many miles from here,” said Tiny. “Get upon my back,” said and the Ostrich, kneeling down; and Tiny was soon upon his back, speeding away like the wind, until she reached the sea-shore.

Tiny and Her Vanity.

McLoughlin Bros.: New York. Ca 1892.

Curious Crocodiles Beside The River Nile!

Illustration by Harry B. Neilson: "A Curious Sight" from Peter Piper's Peep-Show

“A Curious Sight”

. . . But wait until you’ve heard me tell

About my Crocodile.

And then I think that you’ll agree

You didn’t know such things could be

Beside the river Nile.

He wore a coat of brilliant hue,

He’d trousers and a waistcoat, too;

Upon his head a hat;

His gloves were of the latest shade,

A neat umbrella he displayed –

Now, what do you think of that?

But even as I gazed in awe,

A stranger figure still I saw –

It would have made you smile –

For there approached with gown so neat,

With hat and feathers all complete,

A Lady Crocodile!

They greeted one another, then

Went arm in arm across the plain

Beside the river Nile.

I’ve searched, but ah! I’ve searched in vain,

I’ve never seen a trace again

Of either Crocodile!

PETER PIPER’S PEEP SHOW or All the Fun of the Fair

By S. H. Hamer

With Illustrations By: Lewis Baumer and Harry B. Neilson

Cassell And Company, Ltd.: London, Paris, New York & Melbourne.  1906.