13 thoughts on “Someone Loves You!

  1. Oh ELEPHANT!!! I have hit the jackpot. I love Cecil Aldin. I recently bought 4 of his books (reproductions). I think he is brilliant. I don’t know Our Friend the Dog, though. I am sure it is full of humour.

    1. A fan! I will refer all questions to you – the expert! I would like to say this book is full of humor, and there is humor, but some of it is sad. In one illustration a dog I thought at first glance had found his way into the liquor cabinet and gotten himself drunk was actually a dying dog and the text that went with the picture was heartbreaking. It is a formal look at “our friend” which takes seriously his noble nature and his generosity.


  2. I love discovering these wonderful storytellers and illustrators through you. Thank you, Elephant! The dog is rendered beautifully… as well as rest of the picture (love the chair and slippers).

    1. Dear Anne,

      Thank you for your very nice comment. I am happy to know you enjoy my posts (that sounds vain, but you know what I mean). Sorry my reply was a bit slow!


  3. Where does ‘illustration’ end and ‘art’ begin? That is the legitimate and intriguing question the Elephant Picture Book has had me pondering ever since I stumbled upon your wonderful site. And here’s another brilliant example of a picture telling a vivid and complex story in of itself.I think we can well imagine the master’s call for his slippers, the dogs eager willingness to oblige… knowing full well the loving pat on the head that he is sure to receive. This picture makes me happy, and while happiness is not the be-all and end-all of art it is certainly the area that I enjoy the most.

    1. Dear Martin,

      What a pleasure to come home from my trip and read this comment. You are so thoughtful and kind. Sorry I didn’t answer you sooner, but what a joy to have received it.

      Happiness is a good thing to find and enjoy. Intellectual “rules” about art can sometimes be a buzz kill. I say if it makes you happy enjoy it and worry not where art begins and ends!

      Hi Ho,

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