The Little Mermaid

Illustration:  Little Mermaid from Hans Andersen's Fairy Tales.
The Little Mermaid
Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales. By William Woodburn. Illustrated by Gordon Robinson.
W. & R. Chambers, Limited: London & Edinburgh. 1917.

‘Your beautiful form,’ replied the witch, ‘your graceful movements, and speaking eyes. With such as these, it will be easy to win a vain human heart. Well, now, have you lost courage? Put out your little tongue, that I may cut it off, and take it for myself, in return for my magic drink.’

4 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid

  1. This is such a sad story, same as The Tin Soldier. As a kid, I used to skip reading them. Hee, hee….learned early on that Denial is more than just a river in Egypt! 😀
    Pursuit of courage, sincerity and love on Earth don’t always have happy endings but are still worth it, me thinks.

    1. I don’t know? The pursuit of courage, sincerity and love on Earth seems like it would be a great deal of work and I am a little bit lazy. Most of the time I think I can aspire to pursue courage and sincerity. But love on earth I can hardly think of it. I would be satisfied if we stopped killing each other in hideous ways. I would be ecstatic if people stopped being unkind to each other (and that is a large step below actually being kind to each other).

      It is always permissible to skip stories that make you sad and avoid disturbing images. We have enough to face up to – a little denial is okay.


      1. More than any memory, Elephant, I love your honesty. Thank you.
        I agree….
        There’s something about blogging that makes honest souls of us.

        1. You are the sweetest soul – what a nice thing to say! Well, I did tell you I pursue sincerity – isn’t that being honest about what you think good or bad? I wish I was a better individual, but I am not. For me, to lie about what I think is worse than being an imperfect soul. Anyway, being honest is my rule and I am sticking with it – honesty is often all I have.

          Stay sweet,

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