You Are My Next Meal!

Illustration:  Abandoned.  From the story "HANSEL AND GRETHEL."  Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Translated from the German By Margaret Hunt.  Illustrated By John B. Gruelle.  Cupples and Leon Company: New York. Ca 1914.


From the story “HANSEL AND GRETHEL.”

Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Translated from the German By Margaret Hunt.

Illustrated By John B. Gruelle.

Cupples and Leon Company: New York. Ca 1914.


33 thoughts on “You Are My Next Meal!

  1. Lovely + colourful. I like the raven and cat ‘spat’ + the witch-Ouija board. Also glad to see you’re back, dearest Elephant aka HMS to moi! Happy 2014 to you.

    1. You are such a sweet soul! Always a sweet soul! I like the shackles – what could be more dark than a kid who is going to get eaten and or locked up? Just as this is dark, I wish you a bright 2014!
      Hi Ho,

    1. Old ladies are a target – yes, there should be some nice stories about them. Today, I watched an HBO documentary about creationism, something like “Questioning Darwin” – maybe that is right. It was interesting – made me think of you!

      1. Aw thanks–I think of you often. I haven’t seen the documentary, but I imagine from the reviews and comments the documentarians take a t fearful look at the fundamentalist crazies.

        People who make documentaries usually have an agenda and it’s usually a liberal, atheistic one–which is fine as long as when viewing we keep this in mind.

        As I’ve said before, if one has an open mind it’s easy to see that despite having the faith of science shoved down our throats non stop, there are some very serious questions when it comes to the very theoretical version of science (unprovable unless you are willing to take by faith ideas about randomness at the beginning that have no counterpart in modern times and can’t be proven).

        My main problem with the whole thing is that the famous evolutionary scientists are intellectually dishonest. Darwin had BIG doubts about his theory. The evolutionists of today are sadly blinded by their hatred of religion. And many religious leaders are pretty awful stand ins for God. I’ve always believed that if you are strong in your beliefs then you don’t mind being around others who have different beliefs. At universities around the world scientists (and sometimes very respected ones) are silenced by the evolutionary gestapo when dare step out of the box and question THEORIES. This is the opposite of free inquiry.

        I recommend watching Walter Veith’s videos on his career ending questioning of evolution and the proof of big floods and such–I’ll say upfront that he’s a Christian (converted), but if people can get past that, he brings up some interesting points.

        As you know, Elephant, I’m a Christian with no particular denomination. I admit that I have to have faith to believe in some things, but evolutionists should admit that even with their big brains that much of their careers are built on proving something that can only be believed in by faith. Once they do that then maybe the need to tear each other down would end.

        I bet you’re glad you mentioned it, Elephant! haha. have a great weekend.


    1. Oh my, I have been gone so long! Missing you. Is this your pretty face? Nice. I am off into the world of work (silly isn’t it!). We shall chat soon I hope.
      PS You are beautiful!

        1. Dear Adrienne,
          I miss you above and beyond all others! While I don’t agree with some of your ideas . . . I do agree with your right to believe whatever you want. We are entirely different creatures, however I like you just the same as someone who agreed with me and loved me – well, maybe who just liked me! I miss you and your world of magic and thought! Life changes and I wish I could keep up with you better than I have. I feel I made a friend in you and yet I had to exit – silly, right?
          All my respect,

          1. I can’t begin to tell you how often I think of you and wish selfishly that you had never gone away to the real world. I LOVE that we’re different, yet get along famously. And love is the word I’d use for our friendship. Maybe life will change again and open up more time for us to enjoy each others’ thoughts and opinions, but for now I will have to be satisfied knowing you miss me most. I like that because above and beyond any other I enjoyed you most! I see that I’m not alone in hoping that life is treating you well. Know that I send my prayers your way and that I will always think of you as a dear friend.


    1. Brenda,
      You are always so sweet! I miss you and wish you well! Such a sweet soul you are – I can’t even explain where I am and where I went. You are so very kind – thank you so very much!
      My best,

        1. Dear Brenda,

          Well, what makes us happy? I hope you understand that gone is not forgotten! You will always inspire a great deal of joy! You were always special and inspired! A princess? queen? Well, you are a lovely person – so nice to me and other people!
          Thank you for all your kindness,

          1. Dear Elephant, No, I haven’t forgotten you or the memories your illustrations inspired. And you comments are always so thoughtful and real, somehow. You are awfully kind to my fairy tale online self. Well, your blog is there waiting, as are your fans, should you have more time in future. You have to do what is right for your life. Blessings, Brenda

    2. Dear Brenda,
      You are so sweet and kind! I will always be thankful to you for being so kind and thoughtful. You are a sweet soul and after all of your success it is unexpected that you would wonder where I went – yet there you are! Thank you so much – I know you are moving along – but for me your nice thoughts means so much!
      You are lovely – thank you,

      1. Dear Elephant,

        I really like seeing your gravatar and I appreciate you and your words. Thanks for considering me successful. I am trying to get my books (not material on the website) traditionally published, and it’s not easy. I was told that publishers only care about your website if your followers are the hundreds of thousands!! Yikes!! I may never get that successful, but I am enjoying the journey. I really like the habit of writing almost every day. Hugs, Brenda

  2. Q: Why does Elephant blog?
    A: To share lovely illustrations of stories long forgotten or still remembered fondly.

    Q: What’s the difference between this Elephant and any other kind?
    A: Not as many followers who are so very fond of this gentle Elephant!

    Q: Does Elephant ever forget and go M.I.A.?
    A: Only when the zoo of life turns into a circus.

    Q: Why do I trumpet out to this Elephant?
    A: To let HMS know I miss the lovely and regular posts. Elephant advice is much-needed in our times, I say!

    Hrrrrrrrrmph! Toot! The best trumpet-speak I can muster….sorry! Hope to see you back here soon! 😀

    1. Oh my! Soul to Earth you are so lovely! I miss my wordpress world, but I didn’t think lovely souls such as you would miss me! You are so kind I can chew on your kindness for a very long time. Oh my, I appreciate your lovely Q&A more than I can express . . . much more! You and I have such a nice bond – I am sorry I have been MIA so long . . . life goes like that. You have made my heart sing! You and a few others have had the kindness to ask after me . . . how very kind you all are.

      1. Hey HMS!
        Be well, happy and busy (hopefully in that order) with a singing heart that goes on and on……. à la Céline Dion (who must need toughened glass in her shower, right?). 😀

      2. Just popped by to wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas! Gosh, time flies; it’s almost 2015! :O Take care, my dear Elephant. ~ Radhika

    1. Lovely of you to think of me! Such a nice thing for you to notice I am absent. Thank you so much! I am well and I really appreciate your concern. I hate being busy with other things, but I guess that is how it goes sometimes.

      I really appreciate you and your kindness – thank you so much!
      Very happy,

    1. Thank you for saying hello – I did sort of drop the ball, but life goes that way. So kind of you to say hi and wish me well! I do wish you well too . . . hard to go from every day posts to something else – I miss nice people like you . . . well, especially you because you noticed I was gone . . . very kind!

      Thanks again,

      1. Thank you for your reply! Of course I understand life goes that way. I am happy to know you’re doing well, and hope you have a lovely summer 🙂 Best wishes always!

  3. I join the chorus of readers who miss you and wish you all the best. When I first saw this colorful picture, it had that click of remembrance that made me somehow sure I must have seen it sometime in my childhood — if so, no wonder I remember it! Thanks for sharing it with us. It’s especially appropriate with Halloween coming up.

  4. Elephants always stick together, and never forget! I truly miss your pictures, but understand when you are called to other paths. Be beautiful wherever your path takes you.

  5. Oh Elephant, I’ve thought about you often, I hope you’re well wherever you are and happy with whatever you’re doing, I miss your posts dearly.

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