The Sky is Falling!



“Where are you going, Chicken Little, Henny Penny and Cocky Locky?” says Ducky Daddles.

“The sky is falling, and we are going to tell the King?”

“How do you know?”

“Henny Penny told me,” says Cocky Locky, “Chicken Little told me,” says Henny Penny; “I saw it with my eyes, and heard it with my ears, and a piece of it fell on my head,” says Chicken Little.

“May I come with you?” says Ducky Daddles.

Illustration:  Ducky Daddles.  Chicken Little.  M. A. Donohue & Company: Chicago & New York. 1919.

Chicken Little.

M. A. Donohue & Company: Chicago & New York. 1919.

12 thoughts on “The Sky is Falling!

    1. Well, he is Cocky Locky! You know!
      Since you are a very knowledgeable – I will ask you my very important question – did you think Chicken Little was male or female?
      I am serious,

      1. Well…what little knowledge I have is that I knew the character as Chicken Licken who I believed to be female. The first time I heard of Chicken Little was from a film a few years back and the character was clearly male.

        I’d like to stick with my original thoughts but that bespectacled computer-generated monstrosity keeps clouding my view.

        1. YOUR ARE RIGHT! At least in this book Chicken Little is female! I always thought that Chicken Little was a little guy – so there you are! Old book and Chicken Little is a girl – so clear the computer-generated images out of your mind!

          But that still leaves me without any new input – thinking Chicken Little was a little guy – not that it matters, but it still has some kind of hold over how I view the character and the story!


  1. Believe it or not, I remember reading this book when i was a child. Now that really dates me, don’t it! (Turkey Lurkey was another character as I recall…) But what I remember most was that whenever I became a tad gloomy, my mother would refer me right back to Chicken Little and tell me, No, Pammy, the sky is not falling…Great pictures! Thanks for the memories.

    1. Deary “Pammy”,

      No, it does not date you at all. The book is still alive and well today so you might be but a girl! I don’t know why, but Henny Penny became a part of my personal vocabulary – I refer to older ladies as a Henny Penny if she is very warm, loving and kind – I am not sure how I got the idea that this was a proper short hand – but I have nothing but respect for the ladies I call Henny Pennys – now that I try to explain it maybe I connected Henny Penny with love and support – she did in the end save Chicken Little’s life!

      Lovely that your mother did not let you worry that the sky was falling!

      Thank you for sharing your memories,

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