Polar Bears Share “A Memory of Home.”

Illustration: A Memory of Home.  From Animal Antics by Louis Wain. Illustrator: Herbert Shark
“A Memory of Home”
Illustrator: Herbert Shark
Animal Antics
By: Louis Wain
S. W. Partridge & Co: London. Ca 1900-1910.

1st P. B. – Isn’t it refreshing? I’ve tasted nothing like it since I left Spitzbergen.

2nd P. B. – No Indeed; and even at dear old Spitz we had to take it plain, but here we can get it coloured.

1st P. B. – That reminds me of the advice by friend Nansen gave me when he said good-bye. “If ever you happen to travel in a civilized country,” he said, “be sure to ask for an ice with strawberry flavouring.”

52 thoughts on “Polar Bears Share “A Memory of Home.”

    1. Thank you! This is my very first comment! I appreciate your taking the time – you have an outstanding blog and I look forward to being a follower.

      Thanks Again,

    1. You inspire others! Thank you! It is so nice to be thanked for following someone, but I don’t follow unless I am interested! Nice – Thanks again!

        1. Sorry, I guess I was not following your answer – I liked your posts, followed but I still don’t understand how you ended up at the “A Memory of Home” post – maybe all this is too much trouble for you – even I am confused.

          Thank you for responding – very much appreciated!

      1. When I was a kid I used to go to our little library and read the first book in the series over and over–I contemplated stealing it! As an adult I found all of the other books in the series at a different library and they are the BEST!!! I wanted to buy them on ebay but they were going for $500 each. I contemplated theft again, but . . .

        1. I read a book some years ago about the woman who wrote this series – is that right? I think it was a bio – very moody and kind of sad. Did you catch this book? Maybe someone else with a better memory can fill in my blanks – just remember the haunting feel of the book and of course the relationship to the doll and teddy bears.

          1. Her name was Dare Wright. I don’t know the book but even her name is sort of moody. I showed the Lonely Doll book to some of my students when I taught and they were shocked (and amused) by the spanking scene!

            1. Yes, I do remember her name – perhaps you would like to read her story – the spanking does spark memories – I found the book dark but compelling – sad and haunting.

              Unfortunately, the Lonely Doll is probably still under copyright – out of my range. But I would like to see the book again.

      1. I laughed when I saw this. MUCH darker than the Lonely Doll 🙂 There’s a lot of weird themes in the fashion world at the moment–all having to do with control in one way or another. Interesting.

        1. Just seemed like you would enjoy it. I find the Lonely Doll a bit darkish, sad and wistful – but I do like the images – I may see it very differently than others do.

    1. Oh yes the shinny things! I understand – I am distracted by colored lights, gems and jewels (they can be glass or even plastic if the are bright enough), and anything else that is colorful and pleasing. It is a kind of lifelong distraction – not a bad problem after all! Sort of like being a crow!

  1. Hi there, what a lovely and cute blog you have. I love to collect children’s books for the illustrations alone. There are so many out there. Thanks for following my blog too!

    1. I know nobody will tell me how they end up at this post – the one about the polar bears – but I keep asking. I even visited your blog, but I still don’t understand why this one and only post of mine . . . people find it!

      1. The notification of your liking my picture came through, I hadn;t seen you before, so clicked on the name and got your recent posts. The polar bears were top of the list. Easy! Great to hear from you. Tony

        1. That is very interesting. I wonder why it took you (and many others) to that post? I post daily but people end up everyday back with the polar bears (I think it was January). Where is Sherlock Holmes?

    1. I am glad you like the bears. This is sort of the go to post for me. I was even unsure I should post it. Now that seems funny. Thanks for visiting!


      1. The bears look so… well, I suppose the word is “cool.” (And thank you for following my blog! I wish it was cooler here but then we are fairly tropical, so..)

        1. No, I think you have the wrong idea – the world is interested in everything they don’t know about. Tropical or just different – cool or uncool. I am just a simple soul, but I do know everyone is interested (maybe they don’t know exactly what that interest is – an interest in what they don’t understand???). In any case, I look forward to following what you have to post little bird!


          PS these cool bears are not mine they belong to the artist!

  2. Hello Elephant, To answer your question “how did you get here?” You liked my post (thank you for that) and when I clicked on your name WordPress gave me three of your posts to choose from, I went for the Polar Bears because I like them. Do you know the children’s story “The magic pudding” by Norman Lindsay? My mother has a very old copy and I remember only ever being allowed to look at it with her (in case I damaged it I guess), it’s a wonderful story with fabulous illustrations.

    1. Thank you for telling me your path to the Polar Bears post! I don’t know “The Magic Pudding,” but I will be on the lookout for it. I hope you find the book again and touch it and enjoy it to your heart’s content!

      1. If you google search the book you’ll find it, I believe that it is still in print even though it was originally published in the 1900’s, I think you’ll love it, it’s very funny. And yes when I go back to England to visit my mum, it’s there on the bookshelf.

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