Polar Bears Share “A Memory of Home.”

Illustration: A Memory of Home.  From Animal Antics by Louis Wain. Illustrator: Herbert Shark
“A Memory of Home”
Illustrator: Herbert Shark
Animal Antics
By: Louis Wain
S. W. Partridge & Co: London. Ca 1900-1910.

1st P. B. – Isn’t it refreshing? I’ve tasted nothing like it since I left Spitzbergen.

2nd P. B. – No Indeed; and even at dear old Spitz we had to take it plain, but here we can get it coloured.

1st P. B. – That reminds me of the advice by friend Nansen gave me when he said good-bye. “If ever you happen to travel in a civilized country,” he said, “be sure to ask for an ice with strawberry flavouring.”