14 thoughts on “Dreamers and Ducks!

      1. Absolutely. I always get frustrated on Pinterest or Facebook when I don’t see credits… (or worse, someone has cropped the credit off the bottom of the picture). I’m always saving and rushing off to Google’s image search to figure out who made it, haha. 😉

        1. Do you use TinEye? Good to find out if someone is using an image. I can’t look at it because it makes me kind of crazy. People are shameless and have no regard for copyright law – well, honestly I don’t think most people understand the copyright law – no excuse but it is confusing and people pitch such silly notions about what is okay . . . it is easy to be misguided.


          1. I’ve never heard of it before. I’ll definitely have to check it out. As for whether someone did it on purpose or not, I like to pretend the world is full of good people who simply don’t understand the world’s changing rules. Haha. Optimism: the ultimate blinder.

  1. Oh I am glad you chose this illustration today. I saw ducklings this afternoon but I didn’t manage to get a photo of them, so I am pleased to at least have a picture to look at. 🙂

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