“When I Have Eaten My Cat.”

Illustration: "The Miller Gave His Cat to His Youngest Son."  PUSS IN BOOTS.  Illustrated by:  Mary Hamilton Fry.  Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know


There was a miller who had three sons, and when he died he divided what he possessed among them in the following manner:  He gave the mill to the eldest, his ass to the second, and his cat to the youngest. . . The poor young fellow who had nothing but the cat complained that he was hardly used:  “My brothers,” said he, “by joining their stocks together may do well in the world, but for me, when I have eaten my cat and made a fur cap of his skin, I may soon die of hunger!”

From the story PUSS IN BOOTS

By: Charles Perrault

Fairy Tales Every Child Should Know

Edited by: Hamilton Wright Mabie

Illustrated by: Mary Hamilton Fry

George Sully & Company: New York. 1915.

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