1905 – Twin Boys In A Cage!

Illustration:  Little Bo-Peep and Other Good Stories.  Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia.  1905.


When the Fairchild family went South to live, they engaged an old colored woman to cook for them. When she came, she brought with her little twin grandchildren, Pete and Abram. Betty Fairchild had not seen very many colored babies in her life, and she went quite wild with delight over these.

“Oh!” she said, “I wish I could keep them for my own, forever and always.”

But the trouble was that Pete and Abram did not want to be kept; they liked the little cabin where they had lived before better than Mr. Fairchild’s big house, and every morning they ran away, and their poor grandmother had to stop her work to run after them. Betty complained about it bitterly.

Little Bo-Peep And Other Good Stories

Illustration by Moser.

Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.