When the Wolf is the winner – Grandma might be dead!

Illustration: Wolf from Little Red Riding-Hood in Mother Fairy-Tales.

“The Wolf is the Winner of the Game.”

“And,” said the Wolf, “where does your good Grannie live, little lady?”

“Through the copse, and down the hollow, and over the bridge, and three meadows after the mill.”

“Does she, indeed?” cried he. “Why, then, I do believe she is a very dear old friend of mine, whom I have not seen for years and years. Now, I’ll tell you what we’ll do, you and I: I will go by this way, and you shall take that, and whoever gets there first shall be the winner of the game.”

So the Wolf trotted off one way and Red Riding-Hood went the other; and I am sorry to say that she lingered and loitered more than she ought to have done on the road.


Little Red Riding-Hood.

Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1908.