Depressed About The Cat!

Illustration:  Puss In Boots.  Puss speaks words of comfort to his Master.  From the story "Puss and Boots."  LITTLE FOLKS STORIES.  McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1888.

“Puss speaks words of comfort to his Master.”

There was once an old miller who had three sons, and after his death his property was divided among them. . .

But the third son fared the worst of all, for all that fell to his share was a cat, and that was about as good, he thought, as nothing at all.

He sat down to think in what way he could earn a living, and bemoaned his fate with bitter sighs and tears.

“What shall I do?” he cried aloud. “If I kill the cat and sell his skin, that won’t go far toward keeping me out of the poor-house! Oh, how much worse I am off than my brothers!”

The cat sat near his master and heard every word he said; and when he paused for a moment, Puss came forward, and in a clear voice said: “Dear master, do not be so cast down. If you’ll give me a pair of boots and a game-bag you shall have no cause for complaint.”


From the story “Puss In Boots.”


Illustration by R. Andre (1867).

McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1888.