Boy on a Chain is a Strange Monkey!

Illustration:  Mary Had a Little Lamb And Other Good Stories.  Henry Altemus Company:  Philadelphia.  1906.


What have we here?

How very queer!

A monkey can it be?

But such a monkey in my life

I ne’er before did see.

Oh, dear, dear, dear,

I sadly fear

That something has gone wrong;

‘Tis Charlie fastened to a chain

That’s stout, and strong, and long.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

And Other Good Stories

Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1906.

Get Over Feeling Bad About Someone Sleeping in Your Bed!

Illustration: The Three Bears "Sombody in my bed!" from Little Folks Stories.
“Somebody in my bed!”
The Three Bears
McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. 1888.

The three bears stared for some time out of the window from whence Goldilocks took her flight; and though at first they were quite angry with the little girl and ready to eat her up, they soon got over these bad feelings, remembering that it is wise to


And if you’ll believe me, that little bear, who had made the biggest fuss, was just as proud as he could be to think that such a pretty girl had eaten his porridge – sat in his chair – and slept in his bed!  Why, he actually hugged himself with delight!  But as this feeling might not last long, I should advise you not to pry into other people’s affairs; and if you go in the woods keep away from the house of THE THREE BEARS!

The Poor Dog Had None!

Illustration by Walter Crane: Old Mother Hubbard and her Dog
Mother Hubbard
Walter Crane’s Picture Books
John Lane
The Bodley Head: London & New York. 1897.

Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the cupboard

To get her poor Dog a bone;

But when she came there

The cupboard was bare,

And so the poor Dog had none.