Miss. Long Legs!


Miss. Long Legs took it at a bound.

“Mercy, see that cow run!” exclaimed the red cow. “The farmer discovered her and set his dogs on her.”

“Land sakes!” exclaimed old Brindle, “she is going to run into that barbed wire fence without seeing it.”

But no, Miss. Long Legs took it at a bound, showing it was not the first fence of the kind she had jumped.

“Oh, what a shame! Just see what a lot of corn she has knocked over and trampled down, dodging those dogs.”

“Here she comes now!” exclaimed the red cow. “Let us be very cool to her to show her we don’t approve of such high-headed, ill-bred manners as one neighbor’s cow stealing corn out of another neighbor’s field.”


Written by Frances Trego Montgomery.

Illustrations by Hugo Von Hofsten.

Barse & Hopkins Publishers: New York. 1912.