Billy Whiskers and the Baboon, Monkey & Dog Firemen

Illustration:  Billy Whiskers in the Movies
“Billy, in black trousers and red jacket, a helmet on his head, guided the ponies drawing the fire engine.”
Billy Whiskers in the Movies.
By Frances Trego Montgomery.
Illustrated by Paul Hawthorne.
The Saalfield Publishing Company: Akron, Ohio and New York. 1921.

“Consequently in a jiffy they had Billy dressed in black trousers and red jacket, with a big, black helmet on is head.  Then he was told to jump on the front seat of the beautiful little brand new fire engine that was shining like gold.  He was told to sit down and let his fore legs stick out like arms, and to them fastened the reins.  It looked as if Billy was guiding the ponies, but in reality he was only holding the reins, for the ponies had been taught just what to do and where to go.”