Jimmie Dressed Up To Make Believe He Is A Lady Going Calling!


Jimmie decides he does not like being a lady!

“Just the thing!” he cried. “I’ll dress up and make believe to be a lady going calling.”

So he dressed up in his sister’s clothes and went for a walk as far as the meadow, where he plucked a handful of daisies.

“I don’t like being a lady,” said Jimmie, “for I can’t make any noise.”

So he ran back to the house and threw off his fine clothes.

“I’ll play soldier,” he said, “and beat my drum, and make lots of noise.

Illustration:  Jimmie's Sister's Clothes.  Sister's-Jimmie-Piggy-The-Tale-Of-Jimmie-Piggy.jpg

The Tale of Jimmie Piggy

By Marjorie Manners.

The Platt & Nourse Co.: New York. 1918.