22 thoughts on “Windy!

    1. I didn’t notice it until I cleaned the illustration up, and there it was . . . the illustrators name obscured down there in the lower right corner. I didn’t like it either.

  1. The girl made a poor choice in hats for such a windy day. I love how happy they look out in the cold–it’s always more bearable in the cold when you’re laughing with friends.

  2. So glad these are not creepy children. LOL Sorry I missed this when it went by. I was just thinking yesterday that I had not seen you for a while. I missed your cheerful posts.

        1. So nice of you DC Montreal – I’m not gone – I just got a bit sidetracked with things. I miss your posts – think of the reading material I have stored up to enjoy when I do get back to see everything you have posted! Fun!
          See you soon (I hope),

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