23 thoughts on “Creepy Kids Enjoy Winter!

    1. What a nightmare we have with these GMO’s – have we learned nothing from fairy tales? Our forced perfect world is so tasteless. Don’t get me started about this!

      1. We have an agricultural radio station so I listen every once in a while. It’s strange to here positive things being said about Monsanto! Big Ag is a strange–dare I say-evil world.

        1. Oh don’t think twice – Monsanto = EVIL WORLD! Just say it right out loud. Who likes the loss of nature and choice? Nobody but a brain dead money maker! As I said, don’t get me started on this!!

  1. Very cute little outfits, though. Love those gaiters, is that the word? Although I think of their poor mother having to button all those little buttons. Still, their expressions are creepy. That’s exactly the right word for it.

  2. I dunno, they look pretty normal to me. Reminds me of the Sears catalog ads from the 1950s (though in this case, the 1850s, no?) that a humorous blogger likes to comment on. They do seem to look like twins, though. Cool addition to your interesting collection!

  3. I should sue AT&T for making me so far behind in keeping up with my favorites sites because of their constant interruption of service. I see I missed plenty!

    1. How sweet! I missed this comment until now! I am not posting as often, but I do like seeing what everyone is doing. You have worked so hard on your blog – it is a gift – especially for people like me who woke up one day and realized (long after school) that history is fascinating and answers so many nagging questions.

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