9 thoughts on “Water And Watch Your Dolls Grow!

  1. When my brother was young he noticed that my mother was always bemoaning the fact that she kept losing her good scissors, so he went and planted them in the garden so she would have a whole tree of scissors. No scissor tree, alas; and the good scissors were never seen again.

    1. What a nice story! Do you think your brother really believed the scissor tree would grow? It is so sweet and kind. Unfortunately, I never believed in anything like this when I was a kid. So, I am surprised by other children who believe in scissor trees or dolls that grow, etc.
      Did you honestly believe in such things as a child?
      Perhaps I was a jaded elephant!
      Hi Ho,

  2. How sweet elephant, the detail you give your images is just wonderful…love this and thank you my friend for your support even though I wasn’t here for awhile…so very much appreciated…and a very wonderful year for you m

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