16 thoughts on “A Creepy New Year!

      1. I thought it was that new year’s baby (what is that spirits name?), but why he is a blacksmith making a letter I don’t know. Yes, I think it must be for a branding iron – good observation.

        HEY, is there anyone out there who understands this odd postcard???


  1. Is this what blacksmith’s kids got up to after he was sleeping? Dang. I just worry about my kids watching tv late at night. LOL I love all these holiday posts, Elephant. And Happy One Year of blogging!! Woo-hoo!! Warmly, Brenda

    1. Dear Brenda,
      It was a silly day! But what can you say about a naked kid working at the anvil! How weird can one naked boy be??
      I did post every day in 2013, but I am not going to keep that pace up. It was a goal – now met . . . and then what? We shall see!
      Hi Ho,
      PS I know dear Brenda that you will do wonders in the new year! On you go!!

      1. Wow, every day… I’m in awe of that. I’m lucky to brush my teeth every day. I’m just not an every day kind of person. I’m a write 3 posts today and then nothing for 6 days kind of person. I’m still loving it, though. I’ll still look for your posts, Elephant. You always make me smile. Even with naked blacksmiths. LOL Cheers, Brenda

        1. Dear Brenda,

          I am amazed at myself – although lots of people post daily for years – I am also not an everyday person – BUT I did post every day in 2013 and that is a fact now in this elephant’s life!

          I think of you as posting often and really just the right amount! Thank you for your support and kind words.

          PS A naked blacksmith is just not right – let’s hope the sparks don’t fly.

          1. At least your blacksmith had the sense to put on an apron. LOL And thanks for your kindness. I post 3-4 times a week most weeks, which is way more than I ever excepted to do. I enjoy it, though. It adds such richness to my walks to be looking around, thinking of tiny micro stories to put into poems accompanied by photos. Take care and Blessings, Brenda

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