17 thoughts on “Sleep Tight In 2014!

    1. Thank you! WordPress is not working for me either – I can’t load one of my Happy New Year posts – oh well. I am going to fry only good tasting fish in 2014! I have a few plans. I lack the talent and energy for much I would like to accomplish . . . but I do the best I can and that is all anyone can do.
      I can brag to you, because you are a friendly follower – I did post an illustration or two all 365 days of 2013 – a goal and I did it!
      Hi Ho,
      PS Are you planning a fish fry for the new year?

    1. Oh my, I like your blog! I can tell you will be fun to follow. Thank you for your kind words. I do cite my sources, because that is the right way to do things – Ask any librarian! I am lazy, but not about that.
      Happy New Year!

    1. It is a crazy wish – about being rich and barefoot in bed?? Are we poor without shoes? I don’t think so!
      Happy New Year to you and sweet dreams always!

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