10 thoughts on “Fairy Tale Boats!

  1. Lovely watercolor, but I’m wondering what the swirling cloud is about? At the tail end of a Sunday bottle of wine it looks an awful lot like a poodle shaking a fist at our poor exhausted princely rower… but I could be mistaken. Then again, anything can and often does happen in these fairy tales… so, prey tell; why exactly are these two youngsters adrift upon the glassy waters of such a tranquil medieval lake? Is our poor hero about to be innocently beguiled under a cunning spell? I fear I’m growing increasingly worried for the chap, he clearly doesn’t know just what a nasty turn these tales can take!

    1. Don’t worry – it all turns out very happily! I want to wish you a very Happy New Year! I hope that if you fall under a cunning spell in the new year it will be a happy spell and all will be well for you!

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