10 thoughts on “My Russian Friends’ Christmas!

  1. My dear HMS,
    In the sketches you post so faithfully, I recognize “pen & ink” rendering which we had to practice (ye olde times as compared to the AutoCAD generation) in Arch. school. It took hours of hard work and was so worth it. Your efforts to conserve and share these sketches/books are to be applauded. I take my pen & ink top hat off to you…..three cheers and Merry Christmas too!
    Radhika 😀
    [Not Tiny Tim]

    1. I would never confuse you with Tiny Tim! So nice to hear from you, and happy holidays to you too. Drawing takes skill and work no matter the tools. Maybe we will see some of your work posted? Thank you for your kind words!

      1. Hee, hee….it almost felt like a “God bless us everyone” moment. 🙂

        My work? I have only one sketch (using stippling) left thanks to major editing of ‘stuff’ due to immigration and I can’t remember where I’ve kept it! Sheesh….I know. 😦

        Thanks for your good wishes….I’ve just been slammed w/ illness twice since Oct and am truly laying low, down and out. It takes time to recover……tick-tock. Toodles!

      1. Very much so…you can even see the way that the figures in the photo have been cut away from their original background. A little bit of ye olde photoshop perhaps?

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