Bring Me His Eyes Or Yours!

Illustration:  “Think of your own shoe.”  From the story "The Traveling Companions."  Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales.  By William Woodburn.  Illustrated by Gordon Robinson.  W. & R. Chambers, Limited: London & Edinburgh. 1917.

“Think of your own shoe.”

After the dancing had gone on for some time, the princess told the wizard that another young man had come to seek her hand, and asked what she should think of next morning when he came up to the palace to guess her thoughts.

“Listen! I will tell you,” replied the wizard. “Choose something very easy and simple, and he will be less likely to think of it. Think of your own shoe; he will never guess that. Then you can have his head cut off. But, mind! don’t forget to bring me his eyes to-morrow night. I will have either them or your own. Remember our bargain!”


From the story “The Traveling Companions.”

Hans Andersen’s Fairy Tales.

By William Woodburn.

Illustrated by Gordon Robinson.

W. & R. Chambers, Limited: London & Edinburgh. 1917.

23 thoughts on “Bring Me His Eyes Or Yours!

  1. She looks just like Princess Diana! Was she a good princess–there’s something of the sneak about her. I love the bats, the cricket and the owl, but I’d stay way from the wizard.

      1. The large ring in his ear was the tip off even before reading. I wonder where he got the idea about the eyes. the princess doesn’t look too upset about the deal though–just like royalty!

        1. Often these fairy tale weirdos go after the eyes (seat of the soul) and this darling is giving her a very tough choice.
          I think she is giving him the business – I would be very careful with any guy who put me in this position – she looks weird because she is thinking over the deal – the very bad deal he is offering.

          1. I suspect Princess Di would do the same. Very interesting about the seat of the soul–I hadn’t thought of that–why did he want their souls? What do creepy guys want souls for unless they’re really just working with the great Evil One.

            1. He probably does work for the Evil One at least on a part-time basis! These guys seem to “need” enchanted people, and they do think up the most awful conundrums! Dare I say it, damned if you do and damned if you don’t. Fortunately, the “victims” find a clever way out . . . well, most of the time.

      1. My boyfriend read that there was a folk lore in a village in India where a butcher kidnapped children and… lets just say he turned them into sausages but they were ‘good’ children so a Santa Claus type magic dude dressed in green resurrected them!

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