Shave A Pig!

Illustration:  “Barber, Barber, Shave a Pig.”  Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes.  McLoughlin Brothers: New York. Ca 1900.

“Barber, Barber, Shave a Pig.”

Barber, barber, shave a pig;

How many hairs will make a wig?

“Four and twenty, that’s enough,”

Give the poor barber a pinch of snuff.

“Sneeze on Monday.”

Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger;

Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger;

Sneeze on Wednesday, receive a letter;

Sneeze on Thursday, something better;

Sneeze on Friday, expect sorrow;

Sneeze on Saturday, joy to-morrow.

Mother Goose’s Nursery Rhymes.

McLoughlin Brothers: New York. Ca 1900.

8 thoughts on “Shave A Pig!

    1. I looked into “pig wigs” and they do seem to exist. They frequently come up in an internet search because Orthodox Jewish women are not supposed to wear human hair or pig wigs! Wigs are made out of great assortment of things!


    1. I will go back to the text. Did l leave Sunday out? I am not absolutely sure this text is all one. The part at the top had a title then a space then the sneezing part started, but there was no new heading. I decided they are all one, but even about this I could be wrong.

      You always look and read with such care. It is very encouraging. So kind of you to comment – you always have something interesting to say.


      1. I was just thinking about Sunday because it was Sunday when I read your post and I was sneezing and sneezing. In fact I have been sneezing all week because of hayfever!

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