8 thoughts on “A Bullfight!

  1. I wouldn’t be smiling! Even a cow up close can be very scary. My mother mooed at some cows in a petting zoo once and they didn’t like her tone–they all ran over to her aggressively. Luckily there was a strong fence.

    1. The barnyard can be a dangerous place! She must have really hit a tone with the cows! My mother always advised me not to underestimate bulls and stallion . . . but cows!


  2. I too had a very unpleasant eye to eye experience with a chief cow once. To say I was scared sh..less when she with her entire herd behind her charged towards me at full throttle would be an understatement. And there was no fence!

    1. Oh my! Cows are BIG and if they want to get tough clearly they can. You must have run to safety or something – how did you get out of there? Was this cow a known gang leader?


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