9 thoughts on “At Sea!

  1. This one is one of my all time favorites, Elephant. Animals in clothes and all getting along famously. I love how even the gull has a hat! This picture makes me very happy. I do hope they plan to make friends with the lobster.

    1. The hats! Why would a seagull be wearing a hat? And that hat in particular? I want these animals to live at my house and be my best friends!


    1. I am so happy that others liked this post. It is one that I had trouble “bringing up” with photoshop, but I love the action and the hats . . . and everything about it!
      Thank you for your comment,

      1. Children’s book illustrations are what made me want to become an artist. I collect them still today. You’re after my own heart with this blog, thank you so much for doing it!

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