My Tiny Son!

Illustration:  THUMBLING AS JOURNEYMAN.  Grimm’s Fairy Tales.  Translated from the German By Margaret Hunt.  Illustrated By John B. Gruelle.  Cupples and Leon Company: New York. Ca 1914.


A certain tailor had a son, who happened to be small, and no bigger than a Thumb, and on this account he was always called Thumbling. He had, however, some courage in him, and said to his father, “Father, I must and will go out into the world.” “That’s right, my son,” said the old man, and took a long darning-needle and made a knob of sealing-wax on it at the candle, “and there is a sword for thee to take with thee on the way.”

Grimm’s Fairy Tales.

Translated from the German By Margaret Hunt.

Illustrated By John B. Gruelle.

Cupples and Leon Company: New York. Ca 1914.

25 thoughts on “My Tiny Son!

    1. I am so glad to hear this. Sometimes I add text and sometimes I don’t. I wonder if people read the text or just look at the picture. Good to know you read it and like it – thank you.


      1. Teeny-tiny replicas of big things like houses . . . I had a miniature collection of Smurfs (pathetic pre-teen years). My niece comes over and always wants to play with a metal frog the size of a thumbnail that we picked up somewhere. I like symmetry a lot. My day feels spoiled if I see too many asymmetrical things. Have you ever seen how young girls put on the sideways pout in their pictures on social media? I want to know where that trend came from.

        1. Maybe that pouty face is a way to conform to what is supposed to be “cute.” Unfortunately, there is little more boring than selfies – no matter how you mug for the camera.

          Will people ever get tired of themselves?


          1. I want to find the first person who thought that pout was cute. It’s so weird to me how it’s become a worldwide thing–and such a stupid thing at that! My theory is that the face comes from anime art–they all have the small mouths and big eyes. I guess I’ll have to go out and bully some anime kids (kidding).

            1. The pout bothers me too. I don’t think it is at all attractive or cute. I have a long list of things like this that I would be happy to see become a part of the past: babies wearing sunglasses (fortunately, this seems to be on the decline); any pictures of humans with food on their face (so many parents take these utterly ugly pictures of their kids and show them to the world); an excess of selfies (by it’s nature a selfie should be for the self, the world just doesn’t want to see your vain self over and over); slutty selfies should absolutely be completely avoided (Sexy? – If you have to even think about it please don’t post it!). Maybe I should stop now.


              1. You’re making me laugh now–slutty selfies. My brother was sort of dating this girl who sent him a bunch of slutty selfies and he kept showing them to me. I had to make him stop. Way too much information. My brother’s no gentleman.

                1. Slutty selfies – I am just embarrassed for the person (I think I feel the embarrassment they should have felt). I don’t mind it if I don’t have to see their bad idea selfie – people have to make their own mistakes, but I don’t want to think about it!


                  1. Yes, I agree. We all make mistakes especially when we’re young and trying to figure out the opposite sex. I just want to pull the girls aside and tell them to calm down a bit. 🙂

    1. I’m glad you like it!

      I have another suggestion: Look at the followers of blogs you like – that way you can see who likes what you like.


  1. can you please reveal me the secret of being followed and liked. I really don’t know how to contact people here on wordpress. Well, other than through blog searches… thanks. eve

    1. People have whole blogs about how to find followers! In wordpress “help” they explain about tags and categories – plus many other things I have never learned anything about!

      Really, I am just an ordinary blogger – I don’t have any secrets. I have wonderful followers – people who enjoy the images I post. You can get lots of followers, but it means nothing if they don’t actually look at what you post.

      I am an active follower of other people’s blogs – I comment and “like.” I do look around in different categories and I find wonderful artists and interesting blogs to follow. People who comment a great deal seem to have lots of followers, but I could never keep up with that.

      My best advice is to keep your content interesting, use the categories and tags, and be active and interested in other people’s blogs. Good luck.


      PS It is very kind of you to think I have secrets! I wish I did!

  2. I love this image all around. The sword stinger to the bee stinger of the little man going out into the world while the Overseer (father) happily spectates. All the activity and the storied visual of the image. Thanks!

        1. Oh Claudia!

          You can see what I see and then some – let’s face it, this guy looks drunk and all the rest: dazed and proud of his tiny son.

          Hi Ho,

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