3 thoughts on “Your Mother Was Raised By Wolves!

  1. I think wolves are beautiful and I understand why people don’t want to see them go extinct, but I’ve heard people say that the wolves didn’t threaten livestock or people back in the old days. When you read people’s words from back then they must have been having mass hallucinations.

    1. Perhaps . . . before there was livestock, wolves ate something else. People began to keep livestock and I guess it took a while for wolf food to disappear. Eventually, the wolves were left with only livestock to eat.

      Maybe people in the old days told the truth. Both “truths” might be true. There is so much romance about wolves.

      I have a great photo of a woman from about the turn of the last century playing with a pack of coyotes on her ranch. Why? Lonely” Or crazy? Maybe something else?


      1. I think I’d be that kind of crazy. I’m always drawn to taming wild animals. It works if you kill the mother then raise the babies. Then you put up big electrified fencing to keep the tigers and lions, bears and wolves safe until you can no longer feed the animals the fresh deer meat you hunt for because you’ve alienated your family, they’ve moved away and you have to get a job at Walmart. In the end you’re found dead mauled by your wild pets. Hmm. No, I’m not that crazy yet.

        I’ve not yet figured out if the wolf killing of the past was hysteria. It’s hard to really imagine how wild and desolate America was and how close people lived on the edge. A few lost sheep I’m sure meant a lot to homesteaders.

        Hope you had a nice holiday, Elephant!

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