10 thoughts on “Another Thanksgiving Tradition!

    1. I heard a few years ago some terrible statistic about how many people fight with their family over the holidays. Stress and too much time together makes tempers flare! I hope nobody fights today, but if they do I forgive them in advance.

      Back to the kitchen,

      1. People’s natures collide with their expectations on days like today, but overall, we are a loving house. Still, a little squabble may clear the air a bit. 🙂 Back to the kitchen here, too. Brenda

    1. Thanksgiving defuses some of the Christmas stuff. But fighting with the family at the holidays is traditional for all people everywhere!

      Joy to the world,

  1. My favorite Thanksgiving happened when my cousin Kenny brought a bottle of blackberry brandy over to my parents’ house. Kenny didn’t drink it, but my father and uncle (both lightweight drinkers) liked the sweet taste. Disaster followed. Angry aunts and mother stomping around while my father and uncle lay in my parents’ bed, heads spinning and promising they’d be up in a few minutes. Fun times. Or the time my mother burnt the counter when the lima beans she was making for my father caught fire. My father started ranting and my mother tried to leave the house after a few choice words about lima beans. My father insisted on leaving too–so they were both trying to block each other at the door. We kids sat around the table trying not to laugh.

    1. Drunk and disorderly during the holidays! Tis the season to go crazy! Interesting that Kenny brought the brandy – do you think he wanted to see some fireworks?


      1. I think he wanted to be accepted as an adult. I really cringe thinking of myself in my early twenties having drunken, uninformed political discussions/arguments with my aunt and uncle. Youth.

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