Time Won’t Wait For Me!

Illustration:  “Idle Hands Make Sad Hearts.”  NURSERY COLORED PICTURE BOOK.  McLOUGHLIN BROS.: NEW YORK. Ca 1870.

“Idle Hands Make Sad Hearts.”

You little bee,

Come play with me,

The sunshine’s warm and clear;

You need not fear

The cold severe,

The winter is not near.

My little maid,

I can’t be stayed,

I must not lose to-day.

For time, you see,

Won’t wait for me,

But sweeps the flowers away.




9 thoughts on “Time Won’t Wait For Me!

    1. Bee starvation! I could have brought their honey back to them! So do they hibernate during the winter? I like bees – I don’t want to be stung, but short of that I accommodate them. I think they don’t feel welcome or important in the world anymore, but they are!


      1. It was the saddest thing this spring to see them dead in the pose of searching for food. This year we’re giving them a lot more food. They do hibernate. The bees flap their little wings to keep the hive warm. My husband belongs to a bee club and it seems it was a tough winter for even very experienced keepers which made my husband feel a little better–so many lives depended on him! A healthy hive has tens of thousands of bees.

        1. Feed the bees! Yes, if they are going to flap their tiny wings all winter they will need some bee chow. So much I don’t know about bees – all of it interesting.


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