Picture Of A Woodchuck.

Illustration:   THE WOODCHUCK’S PORTRAIT.  Tom Thumb and Other Stories.  McLoughlin Brothers: New York. Ca 1904.


Sit still, Mr. Woodchuck,

As still as can be,

Till the picture is finished

And then you shall see.


It is not every woodchuck

Who has such a chance

As this set before him,

His worth to enhance.


Tom Thumb and Other Stories.

McLoughlin Brothers: New York. Ca 1904.

8 thoughts on “Picture Of A Woodchuck.

    1. Well, he is a groundhog, and it seems they don’t like to peek out of their burrow in the Spring. This poor little guy is up and exposed on the chair.

      I thought groundhogs were bigger? Experts?


  1. Until now, I’d always thought of a woodchuck as being a bird! Is a woodchuck really a groundhog?

    This is quite an odd illustration. There’s a keen eye for detail on display but what on earth is going on with the shading?

    1. It is sort of a lumpy illustration – the little girl looks very odd. Yes, a woodchuck is a groundhog (I didn’t know that either). I didn’t notice the shading – maybe that is what sort of bothered my eye.

      SO HAPPY you are back!


    1. I don’t know? It makes me sad to think they would be. I just associate them with burrows, and what they do beyond that is a mystery to me!


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