19 thoughts on “Fall Weather!

      1. I actually meant American civilization. It was before we became a super power, we we’re foolishly optimistic and naive and women’s fashion hadn’t yet gone down the tube. Look at that girl’s dress–spectacular.

        1. I was just curious. I can see that as a viable date. I don’t have a very good idea when I think civilization peaked – I think we did, but I am not so clear about when that happened. You know I like modern comforts, but I don’t think they were worth what we did and do pay for them.

          I hope you had a nice Sunday!


          1. I had an extremely nice Sunday. We were invited over for lunch at a kindly old couple’s house with another couple. It was like being in one of your illustrations.

            I only said US civilization peaked in that particular year because the illustration was from that year on your post, though I too have a vague sense that the US peaked around then, but what do I know?

            I hope your Sunday was especially nice, too.

    1. I am glad you like it Claudia – I think the illustration shows a feel for fall! I like fall best – it does all the things for me that spring is supposed to do!


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