23 thoughts on “Dreaming On The Moon!

  1. I love this blog and have hardly viewed it for more than literally ten seconds. An odd mix of spontaneity and wonder. Thanks for checking out my blog. How did you come up with the idea for this blog if you don’t mind my asking. This is a very inspiring mix of images and I will be sure to follow and check back in. -Alexander Johnny.

    1. Dear Alexander Johnny,

      Nobody has ever asked me how I came up with the idea for my blog. Simply put, I find these old children’s books interesting – their text and images molded young minds 100 years ago – these children grew up and molded their children’s minds and so it goes until here we are. I think history is hard to “know,” but we can look with precision at this small slice of history.

      I love the work of these illustrators. It is a joy and pleasure everyday to look at their work. I have gained a nice skill restoring their work with Photoshop.

      Plus, many interesting people follow my blog and comment. That’s nice for everyone with a blog.

      Thank you for your kind words and your interest! It was nice to explain why I did this and appreciate it out loud!

  2. haha! I love this picture. And it’s fun reading all the comments. You do have a knack for finding interesting pictures. My question is – where do you come by them? Are the books yours? Or do you spend a lot of time in antiquarian bookstores? I guess that’s a redundant question. I love the smell of old books.

    1. Thank you so much – you are an expert in this area so I appreciate your comment. Yes, they are my own books. I found them in many different places – I’m always on the lookout.

      I respectfully part company with on the smell issue. Unfortunately, there is something in old books (mold spores?) that I am allergic to. If I take a nice big sniff of an open book . . . So I’m not fond of their smell. But bad physical reaction or not, I love the illustrations and the old versions of stories, etc.

      The illustrations are “there,” and when you look at them as individual entities (stories told within the story itself) they do become special. I restore the pictures as well as I can and remove stains, scratches, rips, fading, and the worst mess of all, kids artwork drawn on top of the illustrations (ouch).

      I enjoy your blog!

      Thanks again,

  3. Sorry to hear about the allergy, it must be a bit like a stone carver having an allergy to stone dust. But not having to breathe the spores I have to say that when I see all these wonderful illustrations I swear I can almost smell those lovely old books. I’m nowhere near 100 years old but so many of these wonderful pictures strike such a deep chord with me that I feel I must have seen them way way back when I eagerly devoured each and every picture book I could get my young hands on. I know there are very lovely modern children’s books out there these days, and I often find myself thumbing through them when the opportunity arises, but for me these old illustrations are tops – a welcome and undiluted dose of pure magic.
    Thanks, as always, for the marvelous lift you give your grateful followers. This one is particularly interesting by the way, and very odd to boot.

    1. Oh my, you are the most wonderful follower! You made my day and probably my week! Nice, nice, nice!

      I love the illustrations and I send them out there hoping people will enjoy them. I must say that this one is a favorite for me (you know I like them all). It pleases me in so many ways. I am glad you liked it.

      So very nice to know that my simple blog stirs up memories and connections. I appreciate your comment and letting me know how you feel and what you think – very special!


      1. It does, it really does. Some of these images invoke memories that I had all but forgot, and if I haven’t actually seen the specific image I know I have seen many of a similar ilk many many years ago.
        There really is something magical about those old picture books – I enjoyed them immensely when I was a child. I really think that to a young mind they are as real as the world outside their door, and for my own part I can safely say they played a huge part in laying the foundation of my own character. In fact I’d even go so far as to question whether I would even be a sculptor today if I had not been exposed to the
        wildly creative world they evoked as a very young child (long story). And now you have managed to bring the memories streaming back with your wonderful blog. But its not just the stories themselves but the world in which I absorbed these fantastic images that come rushing back through the mists of time. I realize I am gushing somewhat… but its amazing how the memories just start to flow at the sight of a grinning cat, a wolf on the rooftop, or any of the phantasmagorical illustrations that pop up in my reader now that I am following you.
        Please keep up the good work but don’t feel obliged by any means. I can see that these wonderful illustrations mean a lot to you, and I’m just grateful you put so much time and effort into brightening your happy follower’s day.

        1. Dear Martin,

          Now you have got me doing it, thinking! I remember picture books from my childhood as if I saw the book yesterday. The images are that strong, and the place, where I was with the book, and how I felt about the experience of “reading” the book are all right their appended to the memory of the book. I had sort of taken that for granted. But you are right, thinking about those books of long ago brings up many memories of how it all was. I wonder if the pleasure and excitement I enjoyed when I opened a book made the entire scene more memorable?

          You are so nice about my blog. I am going to re-read your comments when I feel blah about doing it. It is really something special to receive your comments. You have given me a great deal to consider in this one!

          Thank you,

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