16 thoughts on “Hallowe’en!

  1. I really have to say, your blog makes me so happy, every day. Such beautifully selected pictures, we shouldn’t forget about. So much love in those drawings, but also in your choices. Really appreciate the every day effort, not taking it for granted. Cheers from Granada!

  2. I am currently reading a book about the Red Rose girls who were illustrators at the turn of the century. I have a feeling you have already posted some of their illustrations, but in case you haven’t, the two most prolific book and magazine illustrators were Jessie Wilcox Smith and Elizabeth Shippen Green.

    1. Yes, I have posted illustrations from Jessie Wilcox Smith, but not from Elizabeth Shippen Green. It sounds like an interesting book – is it?


      1. It’s a bit repetitive but yes, it is interesting. As far as biographies go, it’s not too dry. I would like it to be finished soon so that I can continue on with Edward Hopper. 🙂

        1. The Red Rose Girls…An Uncommon Story of Art and Love by Alice A. Carter. One of the good things is that it has many many images throughout the book. I like Jessie Wilcox Smith’s images the best.

        1. Well . . . Christmas comes a bit later . . . I have a few things to celebrate between now and then! I did see Christmas ads on TV starting a few days ago! I hate that. Soon Christmas ads will begin in the summer!!!


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