14 thoughts on “Trick Or Treat!

    1. She is having a moment (he tosses her into a fire I think), but it seems to fit the Halloween mood! Her shoes are indeed wonderful, perhaps I should have put a fashion tag on this post.

      Hope you are having a happy spooky season!

  1. Oh lol! That witch actually gave me a fright when I clicked on to your post. I am easily scared by witches, thanks to being frightened out of my wits, as a child, by the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz.

  2. My father lived in a haunted house as a child and described this sort of creepy witch frequenting his dreams there. The family moved out because too many bad things happened there. I think my favorite idea for a Halloween costume is to dress in blue and when the adult asks what you’re supposed to be you say, “I’m the ocean and here’s the wave.” and then you throw a bucket or glass of water in her face. None of my kids like my ideas.

    1. Good idea if you aren’t going trick or treating – you wouldn’t want to throw water on potential candy givers – otherwise let the adults beware!


        1. I agree, I don’t like that candy now, but when I was young it was all about the candy (and being out running around at night of course)! I used to love costumes and going to Halloween parties – now it doesn’t interest me as much. The candy not at all.

          1. I always liked preparing myself for the holiday by doing tons of drawings of black cats and haunted houses. I also liked the candy and would organize it in the drawer of my dresser according to brand, saving the best for last. As a kid I don’t think I would have thought of throwing water at someone but it seems funny now 🙂

            1. Maybe you should just go ahead and dress in blue and throw water on people – or throw the water on yourself! I still have a party to go to – Tarts and Vicars (sad), but I have lost the urge to get tarted up or go as a boring vicar. I used to love doing all this costume stuff. Where did that part of me go!

              As kids, after looking over our trick or treat loot we were required for some reason to put it all into a container that lived in the kitchen cabinet. I guess we were monitored, but I don’t remember that part. I did hate 75% of the candy – all those hard sugar and coloring “pills”, candy corn (ugh) – I hated all that stuff and left it to get stale in the candy jail in the kitchen – eventually my mother gave the remainders away – although who wanted my old Halloween candy I can’t imagine.

              I ate the good stuff and forgot about the rest! Did you eat your way through to the best? Or did you skip some of the bad stuff? We always tossed anything unwrapped or fruit – the notion that we would be poisoned or bite into a razor blade was entirely “real.” Even if we could reconstruct with precision who gave us cookies or apples (because we hated them for not giving us CANDY or the best, MONEY [or the very best – the person who put a bowl of candy out and relied on the honor system LOL])! It was entirely permissible to throw away stuff you knew exactly came from, while pretending it was slipped into your bag by an evil doer.

              Candy and wild nights!

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