8 thoughts on “A Party Pirate!

    1. Oh you! A pie-rat – you are a sharp one! So will this pie-rat be going into space? showing up to frighten children? or becoming a foil for a white-hat pirate? I hope he lives again in your mind and drawings – he is a barnyard swashbuckler!

      Hi Ho the home again,

  1. This is like puss ‘n boots in reverse! Hmm, shall we call him ratty ‘n boots? Or perhaps is it mouse ‘n boots? I don’t know, I’m coming up with this stuff off the top of my head and it doesn’t sound too creative! lol

    1. Your head is occupied with your book launch! Swashbuckler outfits look great on all kinds of creatures. I believe he is a rat so I vote for the inspired “ratty ‘n boots.”

      Hi Ho,

  2. Hi Elephant,

    A very pi-rat-ical picture indeed. No wonder the cat is mad, it was surely meant to be Puss-in-boots not Rat-in-Boots.

    Great expression on the lead cat. 🙂


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