Cinderella’s Sad Story!

Illustration:  Cinderella.  The Three Bears’ Picture Book.  Illustrated by Walter Crane.  George Routledge and Sons: London & New York.

There was an honest gentleman, who had a daughter dear;

His wife was dead, he took instead a new one in a year;

She had two daughters – Caroline and Bella were their names;

They called the other daughter Cinderella, to their shames,

Because she had to clean the hearths and black-lead all the grates;

She also had to scrub the floors, and wash the dinner plates.

But though the others went abroad, did nothing, smiled and drest,

Yet Cinderella all the time was prettiest and best.

The King who ruled in that country, he had an only son,

Who gave a ball to all the town, when he was twenty-one;

And Caroline and Bella were invited, and they said,

“Cinderella shall leave scrubbing, and act as ladies maid.”


The Three Bears’ Picture Book.

Illustrated by Walter Crane.

George Routledge and Sons: London & New York.

10 thoughts on “Cinderella’s Sad Story!

  1. A sad story indeed. And yet it has a happy ending, if gruesome. Then again, I’d like to hear an alternate version where Cinderella has a bit of fun and a ramble before she gets married to the prince – he whisks her away way too fast, wouldn’t you agree?

    1. Well, she did have to sit around in that cinder filled kitchen for a long time, and her father died and left her with those awful steps so I think any upgrade would be nice for Cinderella.

  2. Lovely illustration – so rich and loaded with detail! As for the story I think this has to be the most well known fairy tale of the lot, and for good reason; mice turning into horses, a pumpkin into a glittering carriage… the glass slipper. I suppose we can always pick holes in the story, especially in regard to equating ugliness with evil, but I really think it is so popular precisely because we can all (men and women) relate to poor old Cinder’s plight, and rejoice in her ultimate and spectacular triumph.

    1. Thank you for this thoughtful comment! There are, of course variations. Many of which have to do with the “punishment” for the steps – revenge . . . always a highlight!


  3. Cinderella looks like a Greek goddess–lucky prince! By the way, dear Elephant wordpress did something to make me unfollow you, but I’m back! Hate to miss a single good pic!

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