12 thoughts on “Boarfish!

  1. hahaaa! that’s terrifying 😉 the tiny multi-toothed mouth in comparison to the massive unblinking eye…. ERK! love it 🙂

    1. Hello Fig,

      I am glad that you caught this post. I can see how the Boarfish might just be a bit of fun for you. You know I am a fan of your collages and the Boarfish might be right at home in one.

      Hi Ho,

  2. Yikes, pretty creepy. I’ve just imagined I’d hang your fish in a beautiful silver frame with a black mat in my kitchen. I’m not sure if anyone would be interested in something there to eat? (;-)))

    1. What a good idea – diet art! I think the boarfish would also make a good image for a “keep out” sign – especially if you wanted people to stay out of your pond or pool!

      Hi Ho,

    1. Well, I won’t tell the boarfish you think it is ugly, but it must know . . . with those crazy teeth and all – someone must have said something before this!


    1. Mary’s is a book with a collection of stories and rhymes – the publisher playing on her famous name! You have drawn a few mesmerizing eyes yourself!

      Hi Ho I am home,

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