Illustration:  Then the wolf was very angry indeed, and declared he would eat up the little pig, and he would get down the chimney after him.     The Story of The Three Little Pigs.  McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1900.

Then the wolf was very angry indeed, and declared he would eat up the little pig, and he would get down the chimney after him.

The Story of The Three Little Pigs.

McLoughlin Bro’s: New York. Ca 1900.

27 thoughts on “DANGER!

  1. Hope you don’t mind, I added a link to your wonderful blog at the end of my post today. Please let me know if you’d prefer me to remove it. Since I was talking about children’s picture books AND old books, it just seemed such a good match. Love this colorful illustration!

      1. I decided to delete a bizarre rant from my comments yesterday. My blog should be a safe place for elephants to express views without crazy conspiracy theorists attacking about who knows what. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to do it yesterday. I guess I was in shock.

        1. You and I – such a weird pair! My thinking – At first I just thought this is stupid and I ignored it. But then it bothered me – hey, this is not supposed to be a nasty arena – then it occurred to me – why should some nut go off on me and you “let” them do it. Then I figured I should learn from this to not be so free with my chit chat – that is a lesson and whoever that twisted person was – they did have that part exactly right (the balance is beyond my comprehension – maybe they took a break from writing hate mail to Santa).

          So there you are dumping that crazy town comment – I can understand why you took some time to process it. Thank you . . . oh you!

          Hi Ho (and happy)

          1. Of course it all happened when my mother was visiting and we found out my aunt just died so I was only half paying attention. None of the attack made sense and I was VERY disturbed by it. It took me until today to remember that I could DELETE comments on my blog. I really was a deer in a headlight and while I responded to the weird accusation with reason I should have just realized the person was crazy and hit edit. I’m really sorry that I let it sit there for as long as I did.
            I’m glad you forgive me, Elephant. I so enjoy our chats and our funny little friendship. I hate to think some random angry person would get in the way.

            Kindest Regards,

            1. Back at you friend! So sorry about your aunt – bad news. How unfortunate. Nice at a time of bad news your mother was there with you.

              Let us leave this behind – I think you have a duel personality follower – but let’s hope I am wrong as I so frequently am! I really have nothing but surprise to offer.

              I am leaving tomorrow for another trip. I will check in tomorrow, but then I am gone. It may seem silly, but I sort of hope my faithful followers will chat amongst themselves – wouldn’t that be nice – I hate to think anyone will get lonely.

              Hi Ho and soon to go,

              PS There is little I respect more than a person who can disagree with me (or anyone at all) and still be polite – it is a civility acid test.

  2. Oh Elephant,

    I’m sorry if I came across too strongly. I suppose some of us pick up on things which may or may not have happened, or may or may not happen in the future. Perhaps we do and perhaps we do. The world is full of the uncanny, mystery and magic. But also with the real and tangible.

    Our response can be to delete the darkness or stare it down until we conquer it – that is my view. It may be scary but the world is invariably better for it.

    There will always be experts on every little thing in life – whether we listen and agree with them or not is entirely up to us.



    1. Wolves and Santa use chimneys as the door!

      I am going on a trip today! I look forward to reading your comments when I return. Please feel free to reply to other comments – I like the idea that my faithful followers will entertain each other while I am gone. You are all so clever!

      Hi Ho I’m about to go!

  3. This really is a lovely illustration. The artist seems to have invested much more in this than his mandate must have dictated. I notice the subtle shading on the chimney stack, and the complexity of angles formed by the shadows it forms on the little dormer. Even the sky has a touch of impressionism about it.
    But if the sly old wolf was as informed on slate roofing as he was on sliding down chimneys he would have know that all he had to do was lift up a few rows of these nailed on slivers of stone and the flimsy lath that holds them together would have buckled under his weight (big old wolf that he is). I used to own a house in Somerset, England, with a similar roof and when the wind blew it actually blew right through the attic. The insulation (such as it was) is rolled over the ceiling of the rooms below. Just thought I’d add that (really don’t know why!)
    I do love this picture, and for a change I think we all could recite the story verbatim.
    Thanks as always for brightening my day.

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