17 thoughts on “Beautiful Mr. Camel!

    1. He doesn’t even look hard-hearted! I agree with you, he looks cheerful – I don’t think he is even going to spit at anyone – at least not right now!
      Hi Ho,

  1. Yes, he appears far less snooty than your average camel. Positively serene in fact. Is it just me, or do you fancy there might be faces hidden in his camel fur coat? (yes, like the beast on the infamous cigarette packet) No, it’s probably just me!

    1. Were there faces in that camels coat? You mean a smoking camel wasn’t strange enough they had to put faces in his fur? You may just notice more than the rest of us do! I miss a great deal.

    1. He is a handsome camel – I will look at his fur more carefully! I wonder what I will see on closer examination? Faces? Continents?
      Hi Ho,

    1. It is a new (old) book. I think this is the first thing I have posted from it. I will admit I haven’t read it yet, but I couldn’t wait to post something. Unfortunately, it is not a high quality book – too bad because the illustrations are very nice. When the paper and printing are second rate the illustrations suffer. But I do think Mr. Camel came through it all in fine form!
      Hi Ho,

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