15 thoughts on “Do You Darn?

    1. We notice these things . . . that knife looks menacing! She looks giant and somewhat out of her mind – I don’t think she is going to do a good job of the darn darning.


            1. Lovely – very nice! Still, there is room for another tale from the past – a tale about stockings and darning!

              I recently re-read “The Prime of Miss. Jean Broody.” (Did I spell that correctly?). I love her writing – such a girl’s school story!


  1. Her face appears massively distorted- is she spinning yarn from her mouth? I love the pattern on her skirt!
    I think though that the knife has suffered a little under a hasty bit of shading by the artist.

    1. She is darning – maybe she is threading her needle! (But I agree it looks like she is doing something strange). Spinning yarn from her mouth . . . honestly, what will you think of next!


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