A Sloven!

Illustration:  A Sad Case.  Little Bo-Peep And Other Good Stories.  Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.


Matilda Belinda Lucinda MacGovern

Was very untidy – you might say, a sloven!

She always objected to dusting and cleaning;

Towards brushes and brooms she had no sort of leaning.

In fact it was said that the sight of a duster,

Upstairs or downstairs, would simply disgust her;

And a broom to the room of this sad Miss. MacGovern

Was as strange as a spider’s web in a hot oven.

Matilda Belinda Lucinda MacGovern,

Oh! what could have taught her to be such a sloven?

The birds or the bees? – show us anything neater!

The daisies? – Ah! What could be nicer and sweeter?

Little Bo-Peep And Other Good Stories.

Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.

17 thoughts on “A Sloven!

  1. Oh, slovenly Matilda I do have such sympathy for your situation. Housework is such a bore. In our deepest hearts, we would all love to be slovens, but we don’t dare. We have been too well brought up on cautionary tales. 😀

    1. She “learned” to be a sloven – implying we are all born not as slovens, but as lovers of cleaning. Did the Devil teach her to be a sloven, if not him then who?

      Naturally, I agree with you – I would rather do almost anything rather than clean my house, but I like a clean orderly environment. It is sad, but true sloven/not sloven – it is one of life’s daily struggles!


  2. My mother loves housework and she’s a very happy person. I like spiders more than vacuums. My husband likes vacuums more than spiders so I let him do it. Come to think of it, he’s a pretty cheerful guy. There must be a connection.

    1. Do happy people like housework? Or does housework make people happy? I like my house to be clean and I don’t like housework – will this lead to unhappiness? Is housework the key to happiness? I am going to ask Matilda Sloven – she hates housework, lives in a mess and looks very depressed.


      1. I lived in a squalid little apartment in Brooklyn years ago with roaches!!!! Ugh! In a vain attempt at keeping them at bay I used to clean obsessively. I believe that young children should get their own glasses of apple juice. My son spilled the entire bottle under the fridge and I went crazy. Well, I didn’t hit the kid or anything–just a lot of ranting and raving to a 4 year old. Memories. I realized then that I had to calm down a bit.

          1. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was when my kid developed welts all over his body and the doctor asked if we had roaches. I wasn’t too pure back then so I lied and said we didn’t. He said the rash looked like a roach allergy. haha.

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