A Sloven!

Illustration:  A Sad Case.  Little Bo-Peep And Other Good Stories.  Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.


Matilda Belinda Lucinda MacGovern

Was very untidy – you might say, a sloven!

She always objected to dusting and cleaning;

Towards brushes and brooms she had no sort of leaning.

In fact it was said that the sight of a duster,

Upstairs or downstairs, would simply disgust her;

And a broom to the room of this sad Miss. MacGovern

Was as strange as a spider’s web in a hot oven.

Matilda Belinda Lucinda MacGovern,

Oh! what could have taught her to be such a sloven?

The birds or the bees? – show us anything neater!

The daisies? – Ah! What could be nicer and sweeter?

Little Bo-Peep And Other Good Stories.

Henry Altemus Company: Philadelphia. 1905.

17 thoughts on “A Sloven!

  1. Not only does she dislike housework it disgusts her! She looks like she about to fall off her chair so tired is she from doing nothing! Poor Matilda!


  2. Oh, slovenly Matilda I do have such sympathy for your situation. Housework is such a bore. In our deepest hearts, we would all love to be slovens, but we don’t dare. We have been too well brought up on cautionary tales. 😀

    1. She “learned” to be a sloven – implying we are all born not as slovens, but as lovers of cleaning. Did the Devil teach her to be a sloven, if not him then who?

      Naturally, I agree with you – I would rather do almost anything rather than clean my house, but I like a clean orderly environment. It is sad, but true sloven/not sloven – it is one of life’s daily struggles!


  3. My mother loves housework and she’s a very happy person. I like spiders more than vacuums. My husband likes vacuums more than spiders so I let him do it. Come to think of it, he’s a pretty cheerful guy. There must be a connection.

    1. Do happy people like housework? Or does housework make people happy? I like my house to be clean and I don’t like housework – will this lead to unhappiness? Is housework the key to happiness? I am going to ask Matilda Sloven – she hates housework, lives in a mess and looks very depressed.


      1. I lived in a squalid little apartment in Brooklyn years ago with roaches!!!! Ugh! In a vain attempt at keeping them at bay I used to clean obsessively. I believe that young children should get their own glasses of apple juice. My son spilled the entire bottle under the fridge and I went crazy. Well, I didn’t hit the kid or anything–just a lot of ranting and raving to a 4 year old. Memories. I realized then that I had to calm down a bit.

          1. Can you imagine how embarrassed I was when my kid developed welts all over his body and the doctor asked if we had roaches. I wasn’t too pure back then so I lied and said we didn’t. He said the rash looked like a roach allergy. haha.

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