15 thoughts on “Oh No, We Are Lost!

  1. They look REALLY young. Getting lost as a kid is so scary. I once walked hand in hand with my father on the boardwalk by the ocean only to realize I had grabbed the wrong persons hand and had no idea where my parents were. Scary times.

    1. Oh no, I sent you a response (that response probably went to someone else who is entirely confused). But I don’t see it here so . . . again . . . I also walked off with a man who held my hand. I didn’t go very far, but I held his hand and walked . . . oh my! We did the same thing! But my question was what did these men who walked with us hand in hand think? Did they think we were their kid? Or did they know we were not? WHO WERE THEY? We have lots in common (but as we know not everything!). Did everyone walk off with a stranger?


      1. I was struck with the same questions about the man as I wrote you the note because I went along for a minute or so (can’t remember) and I think I’d notice if a kid was holding my hand. I like the dark spin you give it–like maybe there’s a subculture of shadowy men who walk along with other people’s children! Maybe they’re our guardian angels or something more sinister.

        1. You and I will always have that to ponder! I am off on an adventure for a few days, but I don’t plan to wonder around holding a strangers hand.


  2. I love this one. They are adorable, and I think they will be fine very soon. It can stir emotions,fear and worry, and brought back Middlemay Farm’s scary experience, but I see the sentimental art. They were sentimental back then, their drawings and songs.

    1. Pamela,
      You are right, it all works out, but this story has very dark sub-plots. I wonder how common it is to walk away holding a strange man’s hand – she did it, I did it . . . were we just two odd kids or does this happen to others? This drawing is very sweet and sentimental – you picked the right word “sentimental.”

      Glad to have your comment,

      1. I don’t have any memories of being lost, so this drawing did not trigger them. it’s just cute kids to me. Elephant, you and Middlemay Farm raised a scary point after my comment, but mine looks like it is first — I am new and will learn about “reply.” Sorry the photo brought back scary memories. And what is with those creepy guys?

        1. There are so many strange things with WP. For me comments gone astray. First, I write them and they disappear. Second, I think I write them to one person and they go elsewhere. Now, both of these could be my fault, and they undoubtedly are sometimes, but other times I don’t think so!

          WP is weird!. If it helps here – I responded to Middlemay and the comment didn’t appear – so I resent it later. Also, some blogs have the oldest comment first and some the other way around! Have fun with WP. I have figured almost nothing out so you can be my teacher!

          Hi Ho

          PS when I read the comments in WP I read them from new to old – just to add to the timeline confusion. But don’t worry – lots of people end up with the same idea – sometimes ideas are just sitting there! Have fun!

    1. I agree with you 100%! It is the first piece of wisdom I learned from fairly tales: don’t go into the woods alone, ever! Better not to go at all if you know trouble may be waiting for you.


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