11 thoughts on “Drinking With The Dog Again!

    1. I sent an email to you to elsewhere! I do that about once a week – messy! I wanted to be sure you saw tkmorin’s blog today – all those Niagra Falls fools – I do love that first individual who went over the falls in a barrel – a woman who took the dive with her cat! Look at the link please – much fodder for book five!


  1. If only they’d have had You Tube back then she would have been made!
    Seriously though, I’m always left wondering just how these old ‘Nursery’ Rhymes came about, and exactly what message they were trying to put across – or was that the point, that there really was no message? Maybe that’s why kids love them so much… they are just as wild and crazy as the kid’sown imaginations and don’t have to ‘mean’ anything.

    1. Political? There is much written about the meaning of this and other nursery rhymes. Time to get lost on the internet. Don’t believe everything you read – the next person will have a different notion!

      Thanks again for your support!

  2. Now this one is right up my alley! i never knew there were more verses to Old Mother Hubbard and her poor dog. I sure wouldn’t try force feeding a cat! Whew! Cats can be bad critters! I’m going to have to look into this further. Thanks!

    1. Yes, Mother Hubbard goes all over buying things for that dog – strange because she didn’t have a bone for him to begin with. That dog lives the high life!


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