15 thoughts on “What Bees Like.

    1. It will be a less beautiful world without flowers – we do need bees! I hope we can help them make a comeback. I enjoy seeing them visit a flower. It is a critical part of how the world happens – just a tiny brief visit from a bee. Nice.


    1. It really is! I can feel the bees kind of hanging in the air thinking over their next landing spot: a nice big fat rose.
      Thank you for letting me know you liked the artwork!


    1. I’m glad this came out so well. It was very yellowed and faded. It has such beautiful details. Maybe I should hunt for old plates – they might survive better than the printed books! Now don’t encourage me in this – I don’t want another obsession. . . Oh no, I feel the tug of curiosity!


  1. Thank you for liking “Night Photography.” I also admire the level of detail work in this illustration. As a graphic artist, I learn a lot from looking at paintings and illustrations from the past as well as the present. I am glad that you are archiving vintage artwork from old picture books before they are lost forever. 🙂

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