13 thoughts on “Feeding The Bear!

    1. Yes, I have watched this film! Oh my, he was a weird dude. I would like to watch the whole thing again. I will have to watch out for the film.

      I am not sure about what happened. On the one hand he seemed entirely insane and on the other hand he believed in what he thought was real. What I know about animals (which is just my opinion – no facts here) indicates I would not get involved with bears. I respect bears, but I do not think they love us or want us around when there is no other food. In my humble opinion, he was crazy to go up there and make nice nice with those bears – they are big, wild and entirely within their rights to eat a woman or a man.


      1. I couldn’t believe how close he got to them all at first, but then there’s the scene where they show a close-up of the “outsider” bear who they think may have killed him–scary. The guy was very likeable, but then you knew he was going down a bad path when he started ranting about people conspiring against him. Poor guy. Poor girlfriend!

        1. He didn’t do a wise thing, and he persisted in doing that wrong thing, BUT death by bear is a bitter end. I feel very sorry for the girlfriend too. That film disturbed me in many ways – makes one question things you believe in (he believed he could handle living with the bears – but he couldn’t). Also, you know he is going to die so all his stories seem freakish. I am going to look for the whole film and watch it again.

          Do you think this bear is thinking of taking a bite out of these girls?


          1. I think he looks a little scary even with the smile. Do you like the Little Bear books? Now those bears were cute. I wanted to live in that world–I still do.The film disturbed me so much I had weird nightmares about it for a week–I wasn’t afraid I’d be attacked by bears or anything–it was just so well done and thought provoking it hit some inner core.

            1. I like the Little Bear Books – they made me very happy as a child.

              The movie guy seemed deeply mentally ill. His smile was disturbing now that you mention it!


  1. Ha, what a coincidence. I had a dream of a bear cub, standing still on its two hind legs. Not sure what that means, but was interesting b/c it was more like a 2D silhouette rather than a 3D animal.

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